Sunday, November 30, 2014

10 Running Questions!

Less than two weeks until the Honolulu Marathon in Hawaii!  In fact,  we all received our official bib numbers in the mail yesterday,  I still cannot decide if I am more in shock with the fact that I will be in Hawaii in a matter of days, or if I will be finishing my first marathon!
  Yesterday, I did manage to fit in a long run (12 miles)- unfortunately, shortly after, I felt super sick and am now unable to run today as I'm fighting off a fever.

  Since I am taking a day off from running, I figured I could put out some fun running questions that I found on the Another Mother Runner, from a few years ago!  Here's their post, play it forward!
Another Mother Runner-Running Questions

Here are mine!

1. Best run ever:   Probably the Seacoast 1/2 Marathon (pictured above.)  The Seacoast 1/2 Marathon was the first 1/2 I ever ran (in 2009), and except for the year that I was pregnant (and year after),  I have made sure to run it every year.  The first year, I ran it in just over two hours, the second year in two hours and 10 minutes, the third time (last year), 1:57....and this year, 1:45!! I took a whopping 12 minutes off of last year's time!  Everything felt great on race day, and it was nice to see that my hard work from marathon training paid off.  With the exception of the last hill, I felt great the entire run.  I wish I could say that that happens a lot, but it doesn't! My friend Mariette ran with me for the first 7 miles, which was a huge help.  Angela, helped a ton by being at two different race points to cheer!

2. Three Words that Describe my Running: Keeps. me. sane!

3. My go- to running outfit is:  I love my Saucony Bullet Capris and my North Face long-sleeved running shirt..I bought it last year, and it's so lightweight and warm.  While my bangs were growing out, I always ran with Lululemon's Bang Buster headband- it really stays put!  For sneakers, I rotate between the Saucony Kinvaras, Saucony Triumphs and Saucony Rides

4. Quirky Habit while Running:  If I'm listening to music, I won't look at my watch until the end of each song.  Other than that, I'm pretty un-quirky with my running habits, I guess!

5. Morning, midday, evening:  Before Max, I ran before work; due to scheduling, that doesn't work anymore.  Now, I run at lunch with my friends at work- it's a blast!  If I miss a run at work, or need to do a  double session, then I run after work.  On weekends, I run before or during Max's nap time.

6. I won't run outside when it's:  I'll run in mostly every kind of weather condition, except if it's really icy.  I tried to do a 7 miler the other day during the Nor'easter, it was so slippery that I spent more time shuffling than actually running!  I won't race in really warm, humid conditions- although, I guess I'll make an exception for Hawaii :).  I also won't run outside if I'm by myself, and in an area that feels unsafe.

7. Worst injury- and how I got over it:  in late Spring of this year, I had an overuse injury on my quad that came from too many races, and not enough recovery- or proper training.  I went to a PT and found out that I didn't use my butt muscles enough when I ran- I was given exercises to strengthen that area, and have been working on my booty since!

8. I felt the most like a badass runner when I:  finished my first 20 miler!

9.  The next race is:  Honolulu!! December 14th

10. Potential running goal for 2015:  I have a few! I'd like to break 22 minutes in a 5k, 45 for a 10k and get down to 1:40 for a 1/2 Marathon. I'd also like to run more 10ks- those are my favorite!


  1. I love that you won't look at your watch until the end of each song....I need to start doing that :)

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