Sunday, November 2, 2014

3 Running Highlights of the Week!

Saucony Kinvaras, all around!

1. This week was my "cut back" week for marathon training; I was really needing a cut back week after not feeling well last weekend, and being over tired.  This week starts the beginning of the remaining six weeks of marathon training! Yeah!!! Six more weeks until Hawaii!!  

2. The NY Marathon today, so inspiring to watch!  Not only is 26.2 miles hard, but today's weather was horrendous- super windy, rainy/snowy and cold.
  Kara Goucher had her first race, post-injury today, and did amazing!  She's my favorite athlete!

3.  The Six03 Great Pumpkin 10k Relay!  Such a blast!  Saturday, Angela and me (team Pumpkin Pushers), Mariette and Nicole (team #islagiatt), joined around 86 other teams for a super fun trail relay at the Flagg Hill Winery in Lee.  Each team of two people would do 1.5 miles twice on a pretty, wooded trail behind the vineyards, all while using a baby pumpkin as a baton!

So. - there were great costumes, excellent beer, wine (and donuts!) afterwards and it was technically my first trail race (besides the Odiorne Point 5k.)  Nicole, Mariette, Angela and I had so much fun!! 

Team #islagiatt!

Team Pumpkin Pushers!

Running w. a pumpkin!

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