Monday, July 14, 2014

The Hills are Alive....

*Not my picture, found this on Google of the place where I ran this weekend- it was much better than my photos!*

This weekend,  the family went to New York to visit the in-laws; they live about an hour west of NYC. Their community is in a super small, very hilly town.  I always think about where I can run before I go on a trip and I knew beforehand that I would have to be creative with my runs this weekend!  Reason being, their house is located really close to a busy, all downhill, with no shoulder and no side streets. Their house however, is very close to a wooded trail that connects to the recreation area with a surrounding hilly road.  I was actually excited to be forced to run a very hilly route, it's definitely not something I get to do on the Seacoast and I definitely believe it helps my overall running!  Also, I love being in the mountains, it reminds me of Germany!  I actually prefer the mountains over the beach.  I don't think I will be signing up for any ultra trail-runs any time soon but I would like to continue to do more trail/hill runs in the near future. 

**This IS my photo- my family lived in Germany when I was in middle school and Freshman year of high school, it's so beautiful!**

My workout(s) from Sunday and Monday- I don't usually do the same workout two days in a row but I was limited w. running options!

5 min warmup: 9:30 pace
2 minute up-hill climb at 8:30 pace
1x 12 minute at 6:00 min mile pace
2 minutes of cool-down pace (following each running sprint)- 930-10:00 min mile pace
10 minute cool down (8:45 pace.)

Overall, I felt great, I was definitely tired during the uphill climbs but I made sure to keep my recovery pace slow.  

Love this article from Jenny Hadfield of Runner's World on hill running!!  How to Love Hills

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