Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Introducing you to the Wonderful World of StitchFix!

Today I am taking a break from talking about running to talking all about my Stitchfix #4!

 I do wear other clothes besides running gear!  I love shopping but hate going to crowded malls;  I am the FASTEST shopper you will ever meet, that is a promise, I try to find what I like, try it on if necessary and bolt out of the store.  Unfortunately, by doing this, I tend to stick with the same boring staples every time. I heard about Stitchfix earlier this year when my friend (and coach for Saucony 26 Strong) Angela, posted a review on her blog +Angela (@happyfitmama.)  I clicked on her referral link and was hooked!  Stitchfix is a really cool service;  you fill out a style profile, a lifestyle profile (i.e. are you a mom? do you need mostly clothing for the office, etc), add in your measurements and add comments on what you would like to avoid and see.  You pay $10 for each Stitchfix and a stylist will take your measurements, style profile and lifestyle profile and put together five clothing items (usually one accessory) and send them to you.  Once they arrive in the mail, you can try them on and then have three days to decide if you want to keep the items.  If you keep all five items, you get 25% off the total cost plus $20 off for the styling credit. You can keep whatever you like (still get the $20 off) and return whatever you don't like in a prepaid mailing envelope.  You can schedule monthly fixes or schedule them at random.  Tonight, I received my fourth fix!   Check out their full site here!  
Here are some reasons why I love Stitchfix:

1. I don't have to go to the mall or the outlets
2. I get sent clothes that I normally would never think of trying on; it's fun to experiment with different looks
3. I feel like my stylist is magical; all of the clothes always seem to fit perfectly and she seems to be on point with my taste in clothes.  Except for the jewelry I get sent sometimes...that is not such a hit with me.  
4. It's like Christmas when you receive a Stitchfix in the mail; you can "peek" into your account when the fix gets shipped to see what you will be receiving or you can wait and be surprised. 

I've had a lot of luck with the other three fixes;  I told my stylist that I mostly wear clothes for the office and that I have a wild two year old that never stops moving.  On average, I have kept at least three of the items- with the second fix, I kept all five!

Tonight, I received the following in my box:
1.  A gold pendant necklace with a  turquoise/jade (something fake) stone- sent back; it looked kind of chintzy and I tend to stick to such fancy jewelry as running watches 

2.  A blue and white striped shirt dress- kept; I was on the fence about this one, it does look like another dress that I have...and a sweater...and another shirt BUT it was super comfortable and fit really well.  Plus, I am clearly a sucker for blue and white stripes.

3.  A printed drawstring dress (Ikat print)- sent back; it was cute but it was very similar to another dress that I happened to be wearing today.  In fact, when I was packaging up my Stitchfix box to return the items, I accidentally put the dress in that I had been wearing today! Oops!

4.  A silver/grey shell/tank top- kept; I don't have a lot of dressy tank tops and this top would be perfect for Summer or Fall (w. a cardigan.)  

5. Black cigarette pants "London" style- kept; really comfortable, surprisingly long enough and fit really well.  I could wear these for work or as a casual look.

Here are the pictures of the things I kept!

    Want to sign up for Stitchfix? Here's my referral link!!

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