Sunday, July 20, 2014

Music and Running!

My friend Nikki and me at the April Fool's 4 miler; we are both made 4-mile specific play lists for this run! Nikki's playlist may or may not have contained Hanson.  Mine may or may not have contained a Boyz II Men song. 

I love music and I love running;  a lot of my friends do not run with music at all and a lot of my friends can only run if they have music playing.  I am in the middle;  I prefer to use music during a race as it helps my concentration,  pacing and stamina!  For obvious reasons, I do not run with music when I'm running with friends or during early morning/late night runs.
   When I run solo, I also try to alternate using music so that I don't always rely on it to get me through runs.

  For races, I take my race playlists very seriously!  For faster races (5ks-10ks), I include a lot of upbeat, tempo songs.  For half marathons, I include a lot of songs that I can zone out to;  for my marathon training, I will definitely be doing the same.  
   Here's what I currently have on my 5k play list- don't laugh!!!  If you're looking for new running songs, the one's highlighted are recommended!

1. Out on the Town- Fun.
2. Mr. Blue Sky- ELO
3. I Ain't Mad at Cha- Tupac
4.Without You- David Guetta
5.FU-GEE-LA- The Fugees
6.*ok, I am SUPER embarrassed about this one but trust me, it's a good running song*-  Rhythm of my Heart- Rod Stewart
7.Titanium- Sia
8.If, Nasty and Rhythm Nation -Janet Jackson
9.Freedom- George Michael
10. Numb- Linkin Park/Jay-Z
11. Best Friend- Foster the People
12. Chandelier- Sia
13. 100% Pure Love- Crystal Waters
14. Love Runs Out- OneRepublic
15.I Wanna Get Better (RZA Remix)- Bleachers
16. Gold Guns Girls- Metric
17. New Speedway Boogie- Grateful Dead
18. Stolen Dance- Milky Chance
19. In the Air Tonight- Phil Collins
20. Shark Attack- Group Love
21. Taken for a Fool- the Strokes
22. Something Happened on the Way to Heaven (stop laughing!!!)- Phil Collins
23. Ain't 2 Proud 2 Beg- TLC
24. Doses and Mimosas- Cherub

Do you run with music?  Any music suggestions for my 5k/10k list? What are the most embarrassing songs on your playlist?

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