Saturday, June 20, 2015

Bobcat Bolt 5k and Currently!

Today was the Bobcat Bolt 5k in Durham NH;  I love this race, I love that it takes place at my old high school, love seeing old classmates, love the race's organization, love its kid fun run feature, love what it stands for (read about it here), but I do not love that every year (today was my 5th time running the race), I go out WAY too fast at the start, and flounder about a 1/2 mile in!
 This year, I talked to myself and made a pact that I was not going to take the first mile faster than 7:30, especially since the 1st mile is mostly all up hill!

Neil likes doing this race too, so I registered him, as well as Max for the kid race. Last year,  I had signed Max up, but he wasn't digging the race, and ran in the opposite direction.

This morning, the weather and temperature were almost perfect; no wind, no rain, sunny skies and temps in the mid 60s.  The race started at 9am, so Neil, Max and I drove to Durham to meet my parents at the Oyster River High School (they nicely watched Max while Neil and I ran.)  I set off to do a 2 mile warm-up, and at the end of my warm-up was greeted by a crying Max who was angry at me that I had warmed-up without we did a quick warm-up together.

post tears, and post warm-up

At 8:55, Neil and I lined up to run.  I stood by two Six03 ladies who I had not met before; we introduced ourselves.  They looked fast, so I didn't expect to keep up with them, and my expectations were correct! :) 

At the start of the race, I reined myself in, and tried not to look at my watch too much, I did the first mile in 7:35, which was perfect.  I was able to get up the two big hills without feeling like I was going to puke or curse. Every single year, I have had to walk up at least one of the two hills.  By the 2nd mile, I was still feeling good, I was able to pass a few people, and keep a steady speed.  I dropped down to 7:15.  By the 3rd mile, I remembered again why I don't like 5ks, so much pain!!!! I was getting tired, and definitely hot- I kept telling myself that I could make it for a few more minutes.  The 3rd mile was 7:30.  The last .10 of the race is flat, I pushed it as hard as I could and crossed the finish line in 23:25.  It wasn't my fastest 5k, however,  I felt like I had pushed as hard as I could have, and was glad I wasn't a doofus with the first mile!  I ended up getting 34th overall (there were only 206 people in the race...), 2nd in my age group and 10th woman overall.   One of the two Six03 ladies came in 3rd for woman, and the other one got 1st in our age group. 

Afterwards, Max had his fun run, and successfully ran in the right direction! He was a good sport, and even though he didn't "win", he had a ton of fun.  He kept asking to race for the rest of the day, he saw some older boys running the bases of the baseball field, and asked if he could run with them.
Such a proud moment for me, check out his form!

He took a great nap later!

"Currently" Survey

I saw this survey kicking around on a couple of blogs, and wanted to play along! Play along if you'd like!

Current Celebration:  Tomorrow is Father's Day, celebrating dads everywhere!

Current Confession: I am stressing out about potty training Max;  Max saw a commercial for Disney World and told me he really wanted to go.  I told him that you had to be potty trained to enter the park.  He didn't buy it. 

Current Product Find: This  -  Chi Keratin Silk Infusion;  it was included in my purchase of my Chi straightener. I LOVE this stuff.  My hair is super, super thick and coarse.  I just need a bit of it and it helps de-frizz my hair a ton!

...and Lesser Evil Buddha Bowl Organic Popcorn. So good, and I should not be alone with the entire bag.

Current Book:  Just finished "Luckiest Girl Alive" by Jessica Knoll, it was good but I really enjoyed "Behind Closed Doors" by Elizabeth Haynes (read this right before "Luckiest Girl Alive.") So good, and so suspenseful!

Current Purchase:   These (Viscata Escala wedges)- they are so comfortable, and come in a ton of different colors.  I purchased this style, as well as a black crochet style

Current Drink: Drinking a cranberry lime Polar seltzer, wild Saturday night!

Current Show:  I'm excited to watch the new season of Orange is the New Black, but, I am not watching until I finish with Lilyhammer.  This show is so funny,  it's like a funny Sopranos set in Norway.  Now that I am watching the show, I am falling in love with Norway and want to visit! I'm on the 3rd season.

Current Obsession:  Spotify has a new running feature;  you can choose the "running" option on your Spotify app, choose the type of mix you want, and Spotify will custom the beat to fit your running tempo and cadence!  I love this new feature, and have liked all of the songs they have chosen...except for a few.  Check it out!

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  1. Woohoo, congrats on placing in your race! Way to pace yourself, that is seriously SO hard especially in a 5k! :)