Wednesday, June 3, 2015

National Running Day, Women's Running Magazine Offer and Stitch Fix #15!

June 3rd is 'National Running Day!'  This means get on your gear, and head out the door- or to the treadmill!  In honor of National Running Day, there are a lot of great deals happening through various running-related companies!  Women's Running Magazine, has a GREAT deal going on.  For today only, you can get 6 months of Women's Running Magazine for $5!  I subscribe to Women's Running Magazine, it's a great, fun read that focuses on tips for women's running, nutrition, running fashion and runner features.  Click here to check out the deal!

How are you celebrating National Running day today?? 

Stitch Fix #15!

Yesterday, I received a notification that my Stitch Fix had been delivered, so I came home from work very excited to try everything on.  I panicked a bit (ok, a lot), because my Stitch Fix was nowhere to be found!  Finally, after much searching, I finally found the package wedged between one of our side doors.  At least it was there!
 I was very happy with this Stitch Fix!  I ended up keeping three out of the five items!  Here's what I received...

Pinkish/Reddish waffle sweater-....I love sweaters, especially long, slouchy ones.  I usually wear a lot of red and a lot of pink, but for some reason, this color just did not look good on me at all.  I felt like a Pepto-Bismol tablet.  I sent this back.

White/Black striped sweater-  I feel like I have a lot of striped sweaters, but I really liked the look, fit and feel of this sweater.  It was light enough that I could wear it on a cooler Summer day.  It also seemed to be versatile enough to wear into Fall or early Winter. I kept this one!

Long, gold, leaf necklace-  I rarely wear gold jewelry, and rarely change the jewelry that I do wear.  This was cute, but I couldn't justify keeping it. Return!

Black, bootcut work pants- FINALLY!!! While I really wanted wide -leg work pants, these will definitely work as well.  The length was perfect, the fit was perfect and they will work well for work ,and after-work events. I love them, these were a definite keep!!

Blue/black cap-sleeved maxi dress-  This was a hard decision, I have a very similar looking maxi dress, only the one i have doesn't have cap sleeves.  This dress was slightly more dressier than the other one I have as well.  Ultimately, I decided to keep this, it fit really well, and I love maxi dresses!

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  1. CUTE maxi dress!!! I don't subscribe to magazines but now that I read about running all.the.time. I am thinking maybe I should. Thanks for sharing the deal! :)