Monday, May 11, 2015

The Heat is on....

Happy Mother's Day to all of the mommies out there, hope you all had a great weekend!

Max's Daycare had a Mother's Day party today-  I love his teachers,  and loved the  creativity that they put into the Mother's Day gift!

It's that time of the year again when I complain about running in the heat.  I really shouldn't complain; only two months ago, I had to cut a run short because I was too cold.  I'm happy it's warm again, but running in the heat just zaps my energy.  Yesterday, because of timing issues, I headed out the door for a 10 mile 1:30pm. It was 87 degrees out.  Neil suggested that I go later, but I just wanted to get outside and run.  I would be fine, I insisted! I'd just go slow.  
  I was fine, but 10 miles turned into running for 40 minutes before getting so hot that my heart rate monitor was almost at 200! I started walking for 5 minutes, and then alternated it with a slow mile.  All in all, I only actually ran 8 miles, and walked 2 miles.
 Here are some tips that I should tell myself before Summer/warm weather runs:

1.  Don't be afraid to throw your pace out the window, you're going to run slower in warmer weather.  If you're doing a long, slow run- make it a long slow run.  Yesterday, I did my first 3 miles at an average of 8:20.  That's not my slow pace- I should be closer to 9-930 minute miles on long runs.  

2.  If you cannot run in the early morning or evening, try to run in a shaded area.  Yesterday, I ran the first 1/2 of my run along Route 1A with absolutely no trees, lots of car exhaust from beach traffic, and no breeze. 

3. Carry more than 8 oz. of water;  I don't like carrying water, it's a pain in the butt. Yesterday, I figured I would be fine with a tiny bottle of water.  I was finished with the water by the 3rd mile. Luckily, I was able to refill at a beach water fountain, but I finished that bottle by the sixth mile.  It's a no-brainer,  find a hydration system that works well for you (I have a Nathan's hand-held water bottle and a Nathan's Hydration back-pack.)  I like them both, I just was missing some braincells yesterday, and decided against bringing either one.  

4.  Embrace the booty shorts-  hot weather means light-colored tanks and short shorts. GapFit makes a really good lightweight tank.  Here's my favorite one! (Tank)

The rest of the day was great! I went to my parent's house for a Mother's Day brunch.  I am obsessed with my niece's chunky legs; seriously, nothing is cuter than chunky baby legs.

I also binge watched episodes of 'Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt' on Netflix.  It's such a funny show!


  1. Happy belated Mother's Day to you! I will be taking all your advice except the booty butt likes to eat those ;)

  2. hahah! Happy belated Mother's Day to you too!