Thursday, April 9, 2015

Stitch Fix #13 and Getting Ready for the Great Bay Half Marathon!


I got my thirteenth Stitch Fix yesterday; it must have been lucky, because for the second time, I kept everything in the box!  It was fun, and made up for the fact that we got 2 inches of snow late yesterday (see above picture.)
  Here's what I got:

1. Print a-line skirt and "statement" necklace.  I am not usually a statement necklace kind of girl, I tend to wear the same jewelry over and over again.  I expected to not like the necklace at all, but I tried it on with a few shirts, and was surprised! Another plus to the necklace is that one side of the "statement" pieces is black, and the other brown wood.  The a-line skirt, I loved - I wear a ton of skirts and dresses to work, and this skirt seemed like something that would work in all seasons!

2. White sweater...the stylist card called it a "dusty pink" sweater...but there is no sign of pink in this sweater (or she had the shirt pictured below lying underneath the sweater.)  Either way, I kept it, it was really lightweight (which would be perfect for Spring and Summer) and went well with the necklace and skirt!

3.  Raspberry colored blouse- I was on the fence about this one; the bulk of my wardrobe is gray, black, white, light pink and blue...not a lot of bright colors, and it just didn't seem like my style.  I did end up keeping it because it seemed like something that I could ending up really liking.

4.  Coral colored bermuda shorts- Imagine me pulling these out of the StitchFix box yesterday while snow was falling outside, it was like a sick joke.  I was definitely on the fence about these shorts, I have never worn bermuda shorts, and didn't think I was going to like them.  When i tried them on, I was pleasantly surprised to see that they fit perfectly! Plus, they would go well with my non-dusty rose sweater!

Here's my StitchFix link if you're interested in trying it out!

Almost time for the Great Bay (Hills) Half Marathon!

I am signed up to do the Great Bay 1/2 on Sunday, it's in Newmarket NH; it is a beautiful course with a fun after party....but, it's definitely hilly (or hillier than what I'm used to running.)  I've done the course twice before.  The first time I ran it, I barely trained, I ran maybe 10 miles a week (on a good week) and just had no idea how to pace myself.  I ended up running the first four miles, and had to walk and run (more walking) for the remaining 9 miles.  I also wore a cotton tank top to run in, what a running fashion faux pas!

  Last year, I did it and had a ton of fun, I wasn't running as much as I am now, but I was consistently training and definitely had more mileage than 10 miles a week.  It was challenging last year,  especially during the last few miles, but I ended up running my fastest 1/2.  

All smiles coming down the last hill of the course!
In November, at the MUCH flatter, faster Seacoast 1/2 course, I took 10 minutes off my Great Bay 1/2 time, and PRd at 1:45xx.  I'd love to do something close to that for this weekend, but I'm not going to overly stress out about it.  I will also not wear a cotton tank top!

Other fun things!

Running with Mariette a couple of weekends ago - April snow brings...???

Oh yes. That's Hall and Oates. Such a fun concert! 

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